The place for children with divorced parents

Villa Pinedo

The place for children with divorced parents

The mission of Villa Pinedo is to make a positive change in the lives of children with divorced parents.

At Villa Pinedo, children with divorced parents are active on many fronts. This is what makes our foundation so special. They are the experts and they gained their expertise through experience. Through our forum and online Buddy program these young people (18-26 years) give advice to their peers.

They share their experiences with various situations by blogs and vlogs. These young people also answer questions on the parents’ forum and, for various organisations, give face-to-face workshops to groups of parents. For parents Villa Pinedo also has an online training called 'To all divorced parents'.

Our motto: children speak, grown ups listen


'To all separated or divorced parents'


Marsha Pinedo and Petra Vollinga wrote this book to give you valuable insights into how your child experiences the whole process of your separation or divorce. Buy this eBook now for €14,99.


“My stepmother, I don’t like calling her that because it's such a nasty word. She isn’t a stepmother but a kind of good lady friend! She’s always there for you, in good but also less good times. If unpleasant things are happening or something’s bothering me, I can talk to her about it. But most importantly, I'm grateful to her for many things — for listening, but also for everything that she does for us. I couldn’t wish for a better stepmum!”

~ By Anonymous (16 years)

Open letters

These letters are a wake-up call. Every year millions of children throughout the world face a divorce of their parents. In practice it is all too often that during and certainly after this process too little attention is paid to the thoughts and feelings of children. To change this, Villa Pinedo, together with experiential expert youths, has drawn up several open letters. These open letters should make adults aware of what is going on in the head and heart of children during the divorce process.


To all divorced parents

Open letter

Through this letter we want to let you know how we feel. 'We' are the millions of children each year that are informed one day that their parents are breaking up.


To all children of divorced parents

Open letter

Hi there! It's great that you're reading this letter. It's written specially to you, a child of separated or divorced parents. Ours split up too, so we know what we're talking about.


To all the adults in our life

Open letter

Dear grannies and granddads, uncles and aunties, cousins, neighbors and friends. We know that you, just like us, did not want our parents to separate.

'Not your task'


In September 2017 our new TV commercial went live. This commercial is part of the 'Not Your Task' campaign and makes it clear that divorce is not the task of children. Villa Pinedo also wants to let all children and parents know that there is a place where they can go to share experiences and get advice from children:

Op de hoogte blijven
Laat het mij weten wanneer er

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